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What is a Russian Manicure/Pedicure?

A Russian Manicure/Pedicure is a high quality service which requires no cutting tools.  An electronic file is used to remove excess skin surrounding the nail bed instead of the traditional method of water soaking and cuticle nipping. The process itself takes about an hour and a half to complete to make sure each step is performed safely and carefully with precise attention to detail.


The process works like this​​

  1. Remove gel polish with one type of electric bit.

  2. Prepare nail shape by filing nail.

  3. A “flame” drill bit is used to remove Pterygium

  4. A round bit is used to remove cuticles.

  5. Alignment and reinforcement of natural nail plate with rubber base

  6. Painting the nail with Gel Polish

  7. Finish with Matte or Glossy Top Coat


A typical manicure Russian Manicure will last 3-4 weeks and needs to maintained on a regular schedule.

Our Service Menu






Mirror, Holographic, Pearl Powders


Cat Eye


Matte Top Coat




Sliders, Stickers, Foil, Broken Glass (Two Nails)


Rhinestones -One Nail

+$5 - $30

Nail Painting (2 nails)

+$10 - $30

Other Services

Fix Broken Nail

+$5 per nail

Extension (One Nail)


Gel Removal From Another Tech


Straighten Nail with Hard Gel/Poly Gel



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